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Healthy Choices Parents Make for Their Kids

active parents with kidsThere are a myriad of things that can influence a child such as friends teachers, things they see on TV or the internet. As parents, it is our responsibility to shape our kids so that they make the right choices especially when it comes to their health. Here are some healthy choices parents can make for the benefit of their kids.

Be a Role Model

Kids look up to their parents more than you know.  What you do in front of them play a tremendous impact on their behavior.  It is important that you become a role model for your children.  For example, if you want your kids to begin eating healthier food items, you need to do so yourself.  Eat healthy family meals together.  Go out for a walk. Enjoy the outdoors instead of spending it in front of the television set or the computer. Do not smoke in front of your kids and if possible quit the habit for their sake.  Do not let them see you drink alcohol either.

Make Healthy Choices Easy

Place nutritious food items where it is easy to see and then get rid of junk food and other empty calorie food items.  Keep balls and other sports gear handy and schedule internet and video games so that your kids do not spend the whole day becoming a couch potato.

Keep It Fun

Take your kids to the park or go to a zoo or on a nature trail together. Encourage participation of your kids when preparing healthy meals.

Limit Screen Time

More often than not busy parents tend to forget that their kids are spending way too much time in front of the television set.  To prevent this, do not put a TV in their room and then avoid snacks and meals yourself in front of the TV so they do not emulate that practice.

It Begins with You

Remember, the change you want in your kids begin with changing the way you look at things and changing your lifestyle habits to reflect healthier choices.   While it may not be easy to get rid of each and every unhealthy habit, you need to take the extra mile to show your kids that you are with them in helping achieve better health.