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Achieve Healthy Living by Getting Your Child into Sports

Obesity is an overwhelming problem that has reached global proportions. Poor lifestyle choices, overuse of the internet and video games, smoking, eating junk food and more are just some of the reasons for this global pandemic.  Parents becoming couch potatoes produce overweight or obese kids as there is no one to show them the right way to live healthy.  If you want your kids to become fit and healthy, get them into sports by getting yourself into one yourself.

Talk To Your Child

Before you pick up a basketball or a soccer ball talk to your child first about what his or her likes and dislikes with regard to sporting activities. If he answers “nothing,” you need to provide him with ideas and options that he may not have thought about like trying out for the neighborhood soccer team if he shows an inclination to that sport.

Be the Number 1 Cheerleader

Offer constant and unconditional support in all of his or her athletic activities and not just the ones that he is good at. Offer realistic verbal praise and encouragement.

Encourage Good Sportsmanship

kids into sportsTalk to your child the value of sportsmanlike conduct.  Point out that it is ok to lose as long as you gave it your best shot.  Talk to him about the value of respecting his teammates and how they support one another in order to achieve a goal.  Concentrate on your kid’s active participation and not on her victories or instances when he won over another kid.  Encourage him to enjoy the game rather than simply on winning it.

Be Active in Sports Yourself

How can you convince your child to take up baseball or soccer if you yourself play those games only in front of the computer screen or on TV? Show a good example to your child by leading an active lifestyle yourself.  Kids are smart and they won’t take you seriously if they know you yourself do not practice what you preach.